Brave Girl: Kimberly Carruth


I had the privilege of meeting Miss Kimmy just over six years ago. We met while volunteering in the orphanages of Cuenca, Ecuador, and we've remained close friends to this day.

Kimmy has a daring heart full of wanderlust and beautiful dreams. She notices the small details in day-to-day living and derives so much pleasure from life's tiny miracles. Her heart takes care of her husband Eric and her daughter Audrey, and their hearts take care of her. 

While she often sees beauty in the world around her, sometimes she forgets to see it in herself. Because of this, I was inspired to write a few words of encouragement to all who fall victim to self-doubt, shame, and worry, but who are bravely blooming in their own—often unseen—ways. 

(1) You are better than you think you are.

I know you've heard this cliché before, but once you believe it—I mean really take it to heart—you will feel a load of care fall off your back, allowing new space for wings to sprout behind your capable shoulders. How can you start to believe? Every time an "I'm-not-good-enough" thought enters your mind, replace it with "I'm better than I think I am," and visualize yourself feeling free, using those precious wings, and taking flight!

(2) Leave regrets behind you.

When it comes down to it, what you said or did in the past that you wish you could take back, doesn't matter. What matters is what you say or do today. Live forward. Focus on who you want to be and realize you can be that person today, no matter what rubble you might imagine you are leaving behind you. There are bluer skies today.

(3) Don't give yourself away.

You matter. You can put your needs first: not in a selfish way, but in an I-take-care-of-myself healthy way. Every time you say sorry for something, when you had nothing to apologize for, you are giving a little bit of yourself away. Every time you say yes to too many commitments, you allow others to take what is not rightly theirs away from you. Every time you put your dreams on the shelf, thinking they are too selfish for you to pursue, you are telling yourself that you don't matter. But you do matter. Own yourself. Own your life. And let yourself enjoy doing it.