About Alexandra Crafton

Alexandra Crafton

A Jane of many trades, I put my heart into whatever creative endeavor I'm working on.

The writer + editor

Throughout my English degree, I not only feasted upon literature from the greats but also nibbled continuously on Internet publishing. My classes prepared me well for the last five-plus years of post-graduate experience I've had working primarily as a content manager, copywriter, and copy editor.

I am in love with the fact that content will always be king—or, if you prefer (like I do), queen. I'm constantly putting together story lines in my head, wherever I am. My mind speaks and sees the world in poetry.

The photographer

There's something magical about seeing an image appear from light, turning it into something tangible with silver, and perfecting it until it speaks to you. I eat up the delicious creative process like chocolate: from designing a set, to capturing the moment, to editing a shoot.  

I started snapping pictures at a young age, and I haven't stopped creating photographs since. I studied photography at BYU while getting my BA in English. Specializing in portraiture, food, interior, and lifestyle photography, I try to capture the soul of whatever it is I'm photographing.

The girl

Boarding breathes life into me. I love the feel of fresh powder on a quiet Wyoming mountain, the thrill of cement on a Hawaii road, and the taste of waves on a California coast.

I am a twenty-something, who isn't afraid of being a Millennial or a Mormon. I have a bohemian spirit with an affinity for Indian food, astronomy, independent films and music, interior design, and thinking outside of the box. I love to learn and have a mind as open as an Idaho meadow.

Rocky Mountain grown and now a New England transplant, I share home with my husband and Yorkiepoo. He is training to become a foot and ankle surgeon. And she—the four-and-a-half-pounder—is training to become human.

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